#BKL001–The LaSalette Apparition
Definitive Theotokan English translation of the Apparition, the Secrets, the Rule, etc.
70 pp……..approx. printing cost……$3.00

#BKL002–Precious Blood Devotional Prayers
Traditional Prayers in honor of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ
20 pp……..approx. printing cost……$3.00
The Precious Blood: Price of our Salvation
      by Fr. F.W. Faber,  324 pp
Devotion to the Precious Blood
by Saint Gaspar del Bufalo, Apostle of the Blood of Christ, 140 pp
#BKL003–Mary’s Prayers
Prayers from modern Marian apparitons arranged by Theotokans into five Holy Hours
78 pp……..approx. printing cost……$5.00

#BKL004–Our Lady, Patroness of America
The devotion revealed in Sister Mildred’s Diary
38 pp……..approx. printing cost……$3.00


Spiritual First Responders Conference

Learn to help anyone respond to the grace of a spiritual awakening of conscience, either personal or in the promised Warning–Illumination.  “Sister Anne” and the Theotokans sponsored the Spiritual First Responders conference with amazing speakers who gathered in Wichita, Kansas Nov 6-8, 2020

All Conference Videos on flash drive (Contact Us)


Chaplets, Rosaries

There are many chaplets and rosaries for sale but the House of Mary is in need of a volunteer to package and mail these items. Please send an e-mail to sisteranne @ if you would like to become our store front manager.