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May Jesus and Mary be loved by all hearts!

              Joyous Christmastide

              Blessed New Year and Solemnity of the Mother of God!

              Happy Epiphany!

              2024 looks very bright for great beginnings of the Order of the Mother of God

Her new spiritual director in the Diocese of Madison has urged Mary [aka “Sister Anne”] to prioritize the publication of the French-to-English translations of books on LaSalette, as a means of letting people know that Our Lady gave a Rule for a new Order, and vocations can apply now! St. Nicholas sent the gift (on his feast) of Catholic publishers in New Orleans. They speak French and can personally negotiate the copyrights with the publishers in France! They’ve asked Mary to read aloud the final book review to generate an audio-book besides the paperback editions.

David has worked many hours to develop a fresh layout and write new code. Our goal has been to streamline the steps required each time a new item is posted. Mary has built all new icons which require less memory and will load faster at each “click.”



David’s beautiful new layout offers instant access to 25 years of videos, audios and digital texts of Mary’s Messages through Father Gobbi.

Thanks to the efforts of our volunteer readers, people can listen to these messages while they drive or sit in an adoration chapel. The English collection is nearly complete and our new Theotokan in Madrid has already recorded three years of messages in Spanish. We are working on the ideal platform to reach an audience in Español. Would you or a friend consider reading chapters of Marian books?

Do you really need pharmaceuticals? Alice is trained to offer you personal counseling through phone and email for difficult long-term chronic conditions, cancer and illnesses of many kinds.

This series is attracting new viewers to the Mariannews channel and new subscribers to the website. Finally, a systematic exploration of the Secret of LaSalette, in the light of events taking place in the church and the world, at the time the message was given, and in our time today.

You might be surprised at the seriousness of Jonah’s message. The Old Testament was the original “Lives of the Saints.” The next subject of our Bible study will be the prophet Elijah.

The Blessed Mother has lessons for all of her children consecrated to her . Please be attentive to potential vocations. If you know anyone who might be open to a call to religious life, please pass on some information on the Order of the Mother of God.

“Well, my children, you will pass this on to all my people!”