As this apostolate grows to become the Order that Mary desires and requested in LaSalette, workers are needed in the vineyard. If you feel called to help with any of these requests, please send an e-mail to and share where you think you can help the most.

Volunteer Opportunities

Mailing Depot Volunteer

We envision our website “giftshop” operating like this:

The “shopper” would visit our online giftshop, then send an email to a neutral address like:—so as not to disclose the volunteer’s contacts. The shopper’s email would

  • list the desired items (they can copy/paste directly from the “giftshop page” into the email)
  • include their name and mailing address
  • state a delivery preference: “Economy” or “Priority”

The Mailing Depot Volunteer would respond with an email confirmation stating that:

  • the package has been mailed
  • the cost of the postage came to xx amount
  • the suggested donation for all items plus postage is $_______
  • the “shopper” can donate by check or PayPal by going here:

We would need to find a way to get you:

  • A special postal scales that can compute the postage and print the label
  • some merchandise (booklets, and eventually chaplets and rosaries)
  • the supply of bubble-wrap mailers which we already purchased for a volunteer who had to un-volunteer
  • mailing labels

You would need to:

  • package the requested item(s)
  • mail the package
  • send a reply email as described above
  • have space for some merchandise:  a corner in a shed or garage for cartons of books, and packaging material
  • commit to this task steadily for, let’s say, for one year

At this stage, visits to our website giftshop will be random. After the Order of the Mother of God becomes established officially, we hope to eventually attract steady “business.”

Ideally, we envision having “Home Mailing Depots” in several parts of the USA, so that shipping fees would be kept to a minimum and depots  won’t have to stockpile a lot of merchandise. This would also reduce the number of orders for each volunteer to process.

Experienced WordPress Bloggers who can work with posts

The video scripts, especially the apparitions scripts, could be beautified with pictures from the videos, but it takes time to scale the pictures and place them within the text.

French to English Translators

We have LaSalette documentation in digital format, and run through software for Auto Translation, but we need personal translators to correct and smooth out the grammar.

Book Editors

We need people who can take an entire book (translated chapter by chapter by different volunteers) and give it continuity. This requires the ability to work in Word-Processing software that will retain basic formating.

Persons with layout experience in Adobe InDesign

Sr. Anne has started several projects in this software, but now she has too many irons in the fire to bring them to completion.

Whether or not you can commit, Our Lady has already been pleased with your holy desires!

Property for Sale

Our gracious host has been so accommodating in our new home in New Orleans. In gratitude, Sarah and I want to let everyone know they are selling this property and for anyone interested, you can click on the picture to see more details or contact their realtor.