We apologize for sending an empty webmail earlier this week with a worrying headline.

We wanted to share information about “imminent, highly probable” civil unrest in the USA. Many persons in the previous presidential administration are facing trial — and not a few in the hierarchy in our church are still cooperating with those persons who have a common agenda for a world government. Trial and conviction will surely be resisted and this could lead to even more violence than recent events.

But at the last moment, we hesitated to share information that we cannot fully validate. Anyway, everyone on our mailing list is already spiritually and psychologically prepared by our Lady’s messages to be ready for small and large chastisements which will be painful, of course, but will ultimately lead to the conversion of many and the healing of society. We have no reason to fear.

We hope you have read this weekend’s letter from Archbishop Vigano to President Trump concerning these very matters. Many Protestants and non-religious platforms are commenting on it.

May Jesus and Mary be loved by all hearts! 

your sister, Anne