Overview of the Registration Process

The registration process starts with the necessary information to sign up for the conference. You will be placed on the active mailing list for any future conference instructions.

Mary Farran, aka “Sister Anne,” and the Theotokans in Wichita are the primary sponsors for this event. Once placed on the attendee list, you will be directed to indicate a goodwill donation that can be made via check or PayPal. You may use the PayPal donate feature for a transfer from your PayPal balance or account information with no additional fee. If attending in person and paying via PayPal your registration will be placed on the onsite attendees list. If attending in person and mailing a check, your onsite attendance will be guaranteed as long as the check is received within 7 days. There is a limit on the number of people at this venue and if you can be as prompt as possible that will guarantee your spot for onsite attendance.

Attendee Mailing List

The first step in the process is to submit the following information to be included on the attendee mailing list. Once you submit this information, you will proceed to indicate the form of registration donation to help cover the expenses of the conference.

Please enter a phone number where you can be reached if there are any issues with registration and payment.

Please list your zip code

I would like assistance in finding a roommate to share in the cost of lodging.

Please enter the number of people that will be attending if in person.  If virtual, please enter the number of independent computers connected to Livestream at the same time.

Please indicate whether this will be by check or submitted online.

Use this area if you need to send any information to the conference host.

Please contact: EnlightenedConsciencesFirstResponders@houseofmaryomd.org

Note: “Sister Anne” is a layperson. Any donations made through this website accrue to her personal account and will be used to pay for the expenses of this conference and any excess will be used to pay for expenses associated with establishing the Order of the Mother of God. Once established, the balance will be submitted into a proper convent account when she receives permission to renew her public vow of poverty in the new Order of the Mother of God.