House of Mary March 2021 Newsletter

May Jesus and Mary be loved by all hearts!

Dear Subscribers to the House of Mary!

I just released a short video on the Mariannews channel to stir up your Lenten fervor.

Let us pray for one another to the great St. Joseph, protector of the Mother of God,

Sr. Anne

The transcript from the Video:

You could call this short message a “Ferverino”

In Carmel my first Prioress was a daughter of Italian immigrants. She referred to her spiritual pep talks as Ferverinos, because these were short addresses to stir up our fervor.

We have to get through the rest of the month of March to reach Easter. I’m still hoping for the Illumination this Lent. Marie Julie Jahenny said that the Warning event would happen in the third notch of the wheat. In her part of the world, in Brittany, the wheat gets that high in late February or early March. Ok, ok, wheat grows all over the planet, so it might not be a good indicator, but why would Heaven offer us a meaningless clue?

Here in the USA we seem to be exhausting human efforts to use legal ways to clean up the corruption of government officials. As for corruption among church leaders, this is also frustrating and disappointing. But think what the Illumination of the Holy Spirit will do! We would see repentance on an unimaginable scale. We have to keep this joy before us and not be discouraged. In the meantime, let’s concentrate on making our own souls as immaculate as possible, because something very pure, like stainless steel, is very strong.

How can we get stronger and purer this Lent?

One, we go to Saint Joseph as our model and helper.

Two, we strengthen our daily prayer routine.

March is the month of St. Joseph. Why did the church put his great feast day in March? The 19th almost always falls in Lent. Surely it’s because Joseph exemplifies the perfect ideal of a mortified and disciplined life, the strong man, steadfast in duty, ardent in devotion. Like Joseph, all of our life should be serious, not just Lent. We’ll hav eternity celebrate in Heaven. Only in this life can we gain merit by fighting temptation in our own hearts and by helping others to do the same. St. Joseph is a quiet soldier who never wearied of the battle, never asked for an early honorable discharge.

Sarah and I are staying as guests in the upper floor large home of a retired New Orleans gentleman. He has been very inspired by Fr. Calloway’s book on St. Joseph. He has culled some choice quotations from the book to help expand the meaning of each invocation as one prays the ancient indulgenced litany to St. Joseph. I have uploaded this as a PDF to the website for your inspiration and I hope you consider making the consecration to St. Joseph this year.

This same gentleman spends a lot of time praying with and listening to various Catholic internet sites. In his profession he had became quite adept in the art of building spreadsheets so I asked him to make a list of all these sites so that I could share them with you. I was familiar with some, but he had discovered many others. I converted his spreadsheeet to a PDF and today I uploaded it to the House of Mary website. You can open that document and click directly on the links to explore new sites that might increase your fervor.

Along with these treasures I have uploaded the full collection of revelations of the Holy Face to the Carmelite Sr. Marie StPierre. For decades, TAN books has offered a condensed version of her autobiography called the Golden Arrow, which is so truncated in some chapters that the context get lost. I re-typeset the English edition that was published in the 1800s and I added an appendix with my own reflections on the Holy Face.

The best English translation of the Apparition of LaSalette, has been uploaded for over a year. But now you can access the best life of Melanie, written by the French scholar Fr. Paul Gouin who made LaSalette the subject of his life work. This one I also re-typeset and I added a Table of Contents which the original book, long out of print, didn’t have.

And one more free item, I dare say the crown jewel, our new book of Mary’s Prayers which gathers together the prayers that heaven has bestowed on us in modern apparitions.

You and your friends can easily obtain these free gifts by going to the website and scrolling down to the door that says St. Anne’s Library. You don’t need to  log in. There is no sign-up, no password. Just click on St. Anne’s door. She is our teacher because she taught the Mother of God and she is eager to mold many more in Mary’s likeness. When you click on St. Anne’s door, you will see four icon categories. There are items in each category, and we will keep adding more because this website is going to get larger and larger.

At this point in time everything at the icon that says Store can be downloaded free as a PDF, but I have no way to sell or send you printed material. Even if we had some Sisters established in a proper convent setting, it will be necessary to focus on teaching novices and attending to our retreat apostolate. For this reason, I am praying for a lay volunteer to operate a little home mailing depot. The details are explained at St. Anne’s Door if you click the Help Wanted icon.

I hope I’ve lit a little fire in your heart and that you will go to the website to collect a load of fuel to keep the flame burning. In closing, may I ask you to join me in praying to Saint Joseph that our host finds a buyer for his house. His wife passed away and his children are grown. The house is too large for one person. Now you might be laughing that I’m praying for the limb to be sawn off that Sarah and I are resting on. We don’t worry about that. Since I left Carmel I’ve been a guest in one home after another and it’s always been a blessing. My spiritual director won’t let me get a job to pay for rent. He says I have to work full time to get Mary’s new Order launched and that Mary will provide. I testify that when one door closed, another always opened. I’ll put a link to pictures of the house on the Help Wanted page. If you know someone who might want to get his wealth out of stocks and bank accounts, and move it into real estate, he wouldn’t have to move to New Orleans. This could be an ideal place to rent to people who want to vacation here.

Ferverinos are supposed to be short, so I’m signing off. If you are curious about my recording studio, I’m sitting at my computer in my office which is my enormous bedroom closet. The background is my bedspread. We are trying to keep the main rooms free of clutter so that real estate agents can show it at any time. St. Joseph, pray for us that we may have a holy and fruitful Lent!

May Jesus and Mary be loved by all hearts!
your sister, Anne